Why does Paypal limit account and hold the money without any reasons?

There are some reasons why Paypal limits your account and holds the money

1. Your Paypal account is new and has not been verified

  • After creating your Paypal Account, you must verify your account first, and send them your ID and all information. After verifying your account, you can use that account to receive money from your customer. If you receive the money from your customer without verifying your account, Paypal will hold your money
  • Moreover, nowadays, if the Paypal account is new, Paypal will hole a big money. Paypal will hold the whole money If there is a new credit to your account

2. Check your dispute rate

  • If the dispute rate is more than 1% for a personal account, the money will be held.

Some Solutions

  • Verify your Paypal Account
  • Confirm your account is clean and transactions are transparent
SyncTrack-Add Tracking Info will sync your tracking number to Paypal. Once the order is fulfilled and has a tracking number in Shopify, our app will sync it to Paypal in real time. After syncing the tracking number to Paypal, PayPal will check with their algorithm so adding a tracking number is a must. PayPal will check and confirm your account is clean and transactions are transparent, which will determine whether PayPal will pay you sooner or later. Our app will help you to sync the tracking number to Paypal faster, but you still need to follow up with Paypal and answer their questions without delaying
Once the tracking number is synced to PayPal, your money will be released within 7 days.