SyncTrack - Security-related FAQs

Does Synctrack - Add Tracking Auto have access to my Paypal account?

We only require minimal access to your account to send tracking information, not to perform any transactions. You can see the instructions on setting up for more details.

How safe is my data?

Data transmission is completely encrypted from beginning to end (SSL). Moreover, Syncreack - Add tracking auto is 100% compliant with OAuth2 requests from Shopify and PayPal included. Data validation for authentication and authentication.
Unlike other solutions, your data is not provided to any human operators. Therefore, no one has ever visited your store or Paypal. Our system is designed for maximum security for you!

I am a developer, will Omega pay a commission if I recommend the app to my clients?

Yeah, you're over welcome. Send us an email to get the guides [email protected]