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By accessing to quick help, you can have knowledge of sync error instantly
We build Quick Help to help you get access to the sync error by yourself. With Quick Help, you can be instructed to solve the issue ASAP aside from reaching out to customer support.
There are 7 types of sync errors you might need to know

​👉 Order pending

Issue: There are 2 reasons which lead to pending orders not synced to PayPal/Stripe
Reason 1: The system is processing synchronization which takes from 1 to 3 minutes. Please wait for a few seconds
Reason 2: Your tracking numbers are not in the correct format. PayPal limits the total number of characters for the tracking number, only enabling 25 letters. Therefore, if you use a tracking link instead of a tracking number, Synctrack would notice that this order is pending.
Solution: In case of seeing the orders are pending after 5 minutes of syncing, contact us through live chat support and send us the Transaction ID of the order. Our expert team will help to fix this issue ASAP

​👉 Over quota

Issue: Your plan is needed to upgrade to the higher plans to make sure syncing process happens fluently without any issues.

👉 No Account or Invalid

Issue: There are 2 reasons which lead to the status of "No Account or Invalid"
Reason 1: You have not connected any PayPal/ Stripe account with Synctrack
Solution: Connect your PayPal/ Stripe with Synctrack. Make sure that your account is the correct one that you use for transactions from your Shopify store
Reason 2: If you integrate with Stripe, you have not added a Stripe token yet which is required in Stripe settings or your token is invalid because it doesn't follow the instruction on how to get a Stripe token
Solution: Add a Stripe token or Replace the new token by navigating to Settings/ Stripe settings and carefully read this instruction on how to get a Stripe token here.

​👉 No tracking number

Issue: There are 2 reasons which lead to orders having no tracking numbers and they can not sync to PayPal/Stripe
Reason 1: Your orders are fulfilled already but the couriers are not delivering those orders. Therefore, those orders are not provided with tracking numbers. As soon as the orders have tracking numbers from couriers, Synctrack automatically real-time syncs them to PayPal.
Reason 2: If you are not using any fulfillment app which automatically fulfills orders and provides tracking numbers for you on Shopify, you have to manually add tracking numbers to Shopify by yourself.
Solution: Wait for the fulfillment party provides the tracking number or add the tracking number on Shopify manually, click here for the instruction

​👉 No transaction ID

Issue: There are 2 reasons which lead to orders having no transaction ID and they can not sync to PayPal/Stripe
Reason 1: You may be using a third-party app relating to checkout issues and this kind of app doesn't return transaction ID. Example: If you are using Checkify, Checkify doesn't return transaction ID, therefore, Synctrack needs to integrate with Checkify to get transaction ID and process syncing to PayPal.
Solution: Go to the tab Integration in Synctrack, and check if Synctrack supports your third-party app. If Synctrack doesn't support your third-party app, please contact us through live chat, we do it for free.
Reason 2: Your customer's credit card has not enough funds. This transaction is going to be canceled.
Solution: Send an email to your customers in this case to remind them.

​👉 Missing PayPal account

Issue: Your PayPal/ Stripe account which is used for transactions from your Shopify store is not the same as the PayPal/ Stripe account connected with Synctrack.
Solution: Make sure you are connecting the correct PayPal account

​👉 Invalid tracking number

Issue: The tracking number is in the wrong format or the tracking number is too long or contains special characters
Solution: Contact us through live chat support