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How to check Sync Status?

You can check the Sync Status by going to the Orders tab.

Sync Status

You can click on the status to filter orders base on its sync status
  • Synced: Successfully synchronized to PayPal
  • Pending: Orders are waiting to be synchronized
  • Over quota: Over quota means the number of orders submitted to PayPal is beyond your current plan limitation.
  • No Account OR Invalid: The Account OR is not available
  • No Tracking number: The order tracking number is not available on Shopify yet
  • No transaction ID: Shopify or the payment app does not return a PayPal transaction ID ( checkout X is not compatible with the app)
  • Missing PayPal account: The account corresponding to the payment account for the order has not been connected
  • Invalid tracking number: The tracking number is in the wrong or incorrect format
Time Filter: Filter the time you would like to show the orders.
For more detailed filters click on the icon magnifier:
Store: Filter the store you would like to show the orders
Payment: Filter the payment you would like to show the order
Per Page: Filter the number of pages you would like to show the order