☑️How to sync tracking info for orders from Facebook & Instagram sale channels

For orders from Facebook and Instagram sale channels, we need your PayPal client ID and secret to match sale channels invoice id with Paypal transaction and sync the tracking information. Please follow the steps below and update the required info:

  • Go to Paypal Developer Dashboard and log in with your account (If you’ve already logged in, skip this step).

  • On the navigation bar, go to “Apps & Credentials” menu. Switch to “Live mode” using the toggle on the top-right corner.

  • Click “Create App”

  • Enter App Name and click “Create App”

  • Scroll down to “Feature” section and make sure that the “Transaction search” setting is checked.

  • Scroll up to “API credentials” section, copy “Client ID” and “Secret key”.

  • Click "Add account" and enter the Client ID and Secret key into the text field. You can also enter the number of days to reprocess Facebook and Instagram sale channel orders.

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