❓SyncTrack - Functionality-related FAQs

Should I use the app to add tracking information to Paypal while I can do it manually?

It’s definitely worth trying our app even if you have a small number of orders. Our app’s plans are varied from 100 (free of charge) to unlimited orders. Let our app do its job precisely with no time, and you save hours to hours to optimize your sales.

Is there any chance to remove the reserve on our Paypal account by using your app?

The answer can be yes or no because Paypal uses a wide range of standards to check your account, our app will follow Paypal’s seller protection which makes you a better ranking on Paypal with a history of positive selling activity. Therefore, you can lower or remove the reserve level.

If I edit the tracking information on Shopify, will your app automatically edit on my Paypal account?

Yes, when you update the information on Shopify, they will have an email notifying us and our application will update automatically to Paypal

How do you calculate the orders in my subscription?

Just the successfully submitted tracking orders are counted. The other one won't be counting on your subscription credits

I have completed the same orders but not all tracking information is added. What happens?

All orders with tracking information are of course transmitted to PayPal. Without tracking data, we could not post to PayPal and will notify you on the dashboard. If you add the following data, it will be transferred later.

Does the app support Telecheckout?


Does the app support CheckoutX?

No, because CheckoutX does not send transaction_id PayPal, there is not enough information to send tracking

I sell digital products, how should I send tracking?

You should send the download link to a buyer. We will send it to the Other carrier with the link

When I submit tracking, will customers be notified?

Yes, Paypal will automatically send 1 notification to the customer about the status of the order. This means a lot, helping customers see the transport status of the salad easily. Customers are happier, you have more opportunities to ask for reviews or sell other products

Why can't the Free Plan use the processing feature for old orders

Well, the "Get old orders" feature is not accepted yet on the Free plan. But just drop us an email request at [email protected] to discuss.

Can I send tracking information synchronized between Shopify and Paypal?

Yes, you can process the orders from the last 60 days. Just click on: [Get Old Orders] on your admin dashboard then enter the date range you want, it may take a few minutes to hours to submit all orders.

How is tracking information synchronized between Shopify and Paypal?

Once your order is fulfilled and tracking information is there, we will be notified by Shopify. Our software will submit this information automatically to Paypal. You will find this progress on your admin dashboard.

Does the app support Intercart?

Yes, our app does support Intercart checkout.

The app shows over quota, why?

Over quota means the number of orders submitted to PayPal is beyond your current plan limitation. Please consider upgrading to a higher plan to sync all orders.

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