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SyncTrack - General FAQs

Can I use a personal Paypal account with Shopify?

No, Synctrack - Add Tracking Auto app requires the Paypal Business Account.

How to install the application?

Just click on this button, enter your store URL and with a few more clicks on the following steps you will get it to work in a few minutes.

When do I need to start sending tracking information to Paypal?

As soon as possible. It helps to build trust in your account. Once you submit tracking, Paypal will send a notification to your customer so they can expect when their ordered package delivery

Why is it important to add tracking information to Paypal?

Money flow is always mattered with any business, especially with e-commerce merchants. Keeping a Paypal account in good standing is very important to avoid many serious issues with your account such as reserve money, long time to withdraw, lose disputes, or account blockage. Paypal may disable your account first and then hold your income for up to 180 days, it depends on the number of issues, disputes, or claims you get from the consumers. We enclosed a quote from Paypal below and also the link to Paypal Reserves TOS so you may find out more ideas "Ship promptly and give your customers valid tracking information through PayPal, so they can keep tabs on their purchases and know when to expect delivery"