How to use the Dispute Management function?


In today's digital age, businesses face the challenge of managing disputes efficiently and effectively. To address this, Synctrack proudly presents to you the new Dispute Management function, offering a range of benefits that streamline the process and ensure a smooth resolution for all parties involved. This function can:
  • Realtime update new disputes as soon as they are filed to PayPal and the status of current disputes.
  • Mapping Shopify’s order to corresponding dispute.
  • Filter by status and display details information on each dispute.
  • Get disputes from all integrated stores and PayPal accounts
With real-time updates, mapping capabilities, and comprehensive filtering options, this function revolutionizes the way disputes are handled across integrated stores and PayPal accounts.
Note: As we continue developing this, feedback and recommendations are highly appreciated. Please take some time to give this a try and tell us how you feel via the right-side widget or live chat. Thank you!

How to use the feature?

Step 1: In the Disputes page, turn on the "Dispute management".

Step 2: Connect your PayPal account(s).

Follow the given instructions to get the "Client ID" and "Secret key" from your PayPal Developer Dashboard
Enter the "Client ID" and "Secret key" to add your PayPal account
Note: You can add multiple accounts if needed by repeating this step.

Step 3: Enjoy a seamless experience in managing disputes efficiently and effectively.

You can view more details about a dispute by clicking on the "View" button.
Note: Getting available disputes from a recently connected PayPal account for the first time might take a while (depending on the number of disputes). Please wait a moment and try the refresh button. For new disputes, rest assured that Synctrack will get them automatically and in real-time.