How to connect the app with your Stripe Account? - Add Tracking Auto app

Install the app on Shopify and connect the app with your Stripe account to let the app sync tracking info to Stripe.
Step 1: Install the app to your store => App admin => Click to SETTINGS tab => Click Turn on Sync
Step 2: Login your Stripe Account => Go to the tab Developers on the right corner**
Step 3: Go to the tab API keys
Step 4: Click Create restricted key
Step 5: Type the key name (it's up to you) and turn on the Write status for giving permissions for Charges, Disputes, PaymentIntents & Orders
Step 6: Click to copy the token
Step 7: Click Add Stripe token and paste the token into the text field
Step 8: Done
You don't have to worry about security because doing the instruction is only giving us access to Disputes, Charges, Orders, and PaymentIntents which are the conditions to integrate with Stripe.