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How to add "Courier Mapping" rule?

In many situations, using third-party fulfillment apps can lead to mismatched courier names. This can result in couriers being mislabeled as "Other", a tag that doesn't align with PayPal's information. Some couriers, with varying regional names, might not be recognized by PayPal, causing tracking updates to be missed. With Synctrack's 'Courier Mapping', you can easily correct and synchronize the courier name from Shopify to PayPal, ensuring your customers see the correct tracking info.

How does the "Courier Mapping" feature work?

Synctrack allows you to enter the information in 2 fields, "Your courier" and "PayPal courier". For example, if you want orders shipped by FedEx to be synced to PayPal by UPS, enter "FedEx" in the "Your courier" field and "UPS" in the "PayPal courier" field.
When you click save, Synctrack will automatically update the courier information according to the rules you have set up for future orders. For old orders, if you want them to be updated according to courier mapping rules, please chat with our support team or send us an email at [email protected]

What are the specific steps to create a Courier Mapping rule

Step 1: Go to the Settings tab. choose Courier Mapping

Step 2: Click the "Add Mapping rules" button

Step 3: Pick a mapping type that you want and enter the correct information, then click the Save button.

All future orders will be synced to PayPal based on the courier mapping rule you created after following the 3 simple steps above.
Note: You can also add mapping rules for "Tracking number starts with" and "Tracking number end with".

Frequently asked questions

How do other couriers not on the list created by Courier Mapping have their information synced to PayPal?

Answer: Couriers that are not in the Courier Mapping rule list will be automatically synced by Synctrack correctly from Shopify to PayPal based on the original name of the courier.

Can I apply the Courier Mapping rule to my past order?

Answer: Yes, please contact the Synctrack support team to assist with this issue. We will try to process it within 12 hours for you

Which Synctrack plan supports the Courier Mapping feature?

Answer: Paid plans would be supported