How to automatically provide proof for an "Item not received" dispute?


  • The disputed product or order is sold and fulfilled through Shopify.
  • The tracking number has already been synced to PayPal via Synctrack.
  • The dispute reason is "Item not received" (INR).
  • The product is not digital good (do not have a tracking number).

How does the "Auto provide proof for INR disputes" feature work?

Whenever a dispute, which meets all prerequisites listed above, is opened by the buyer, Synctrack will automatically send proof of fulfillment to PayPal and the buyer. This includes:
  • Tracking number
  • Courier name
  • A note that states "Your purchase is being delivered to you with the below tracking information:"
The above information is often considered critical in helping merchants win disputes with the reason "Item not received".
Please note that the tracking information sent as proof of fulfillment is the one you entered into Shopify when you fulfilled your orders.

How to use this feature?

Step 1: Go to the "Dispute" tab, and turn on the "Get disputes from PayPal".

Step 2: Connect your account

  • (If you have not connected an account) Click the "Connect PayPal account" button, using the "Steps to get "Client ID" and "Secret key" to add your PayPal account.
  • (If you have connected an account) Click on the edit button.

Step 3: Make sure that the "Auto provide proof of fulfillment for “Item not received” (INR) disputes" is checked.

Click "Save" and the status of that account should be "Auto provide proof for INR disputes".